We will follow Chilima out of DPP – faction


A Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) faction that wanted Vice President Saulos Chilima to be the party’s 2019 presidential candidate has disclosed plans to leave the party following Chilima’s move to dump the DPP.

On Wednesday, Chilima broke his silence on events in DPP by declaring he will leave the ruling party.

Saulo Chilima

We will also leave DPP

Chilima explained further that his future in politics will be known soon as he will be addressing the nation on the same.

Secretary for Chilima Movement in the Northern Region Peter Mkandawire said the faction from the North is ready to follow Chilima’s decision of leaving DPP.

Mkandawire added that the faction was impressed with Chilima’s speech on Wednesday in Lilongwe.

“When people listened to the speech they were calling us, and they said they are impressed, and they have said they are ready to follow him wherever he goes,” said Mkandawire.

Malawi’s deputy leader was reported to have been in a rat and cat relationship with President Peter Mutharika following an opinion made by former First Lady Callista Mutharika that gave blessing to Chilima as the next leader of the ruling party.




  1. Its true David mk: we come from some problem when his brother (malemu) he was un touched no – one could say a word ,this people need us more my vote is there key,we don’t need DPP at all , no matter what God will save us ,I’m hope less because when you put them up there they forgotten about us lest stand together Malawians don’t vote ,until we see what they can do ,let’s tell them the truth, Malawi is a good country but now its like we are happy to be poor, they eat money like no body businesses, fuck them they must go to hell ,our fellow brothers and sisters go out of this country without choice please ,I don’t want anyone to come to me and say : bwerani mzandivotele! He will know me very well no one must go and vote boycott guys ,umbava uwu they will continue to still ,ndi chifukwa chake sangachoke pampando DPP Go hell

  2. Same old faces, what new things will you bring? Apart from sending your sons and daughters to embassies.

  3. Politicians are all the same and stupid non will end the poverty only God Vote for God alone who will heal our National not DPP/Chilima who are these pple? They were all together for 5 years what have both both done? All are the same Stupid ,what I need is God to rule us let’s all put our trust to God

  4. We wil follow him ,wake up Malawi ts not time for sleeping ,look what our friends other countries eg SA,stand up for the truth

  5. If you will be voting for DPP candidate agaig then all of you are dom and still sleeping and stupid nonses malawians who does’nt even know the diferent between the ROAD and the STREET, fuck DPP people and the followers
    Malawians its time you wake up from slumber and and dance the beat aaccordingly please, for how long will you remain in darkness of poverty?

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