DPP governor happy with Chilima’s decision

Saulos Chilima

A Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) governor has welcomed Vice President Saulos Chilima’s decision not to contest at the DPP convention saying the veep has ended wrangles in the party.

Mzimba Solola DPP Governor Fikani Nyirenda said Chilima’s decision is good since President Peter Mutharika is the rightful candidate who carries hopes of this nation.

Saulos Chilima

The Mzimba Solola district governor made the sentiments during a district meeting which was aimed at strengthening the party in Solola constituency.

Speaking in an interview after the meeting, Nyirenda expressed happiness saying the wrangles which were in the party over who will be DPP’s presidential torchbearer in the 2019 tripartite elections are now over.

“I am extremely happy that now the wrangle is over and we all know now that Peter Mutharika will lead DPP again come 2019 tripartite elections, with that view that is why we conducted this meeting so that we can strategize to make our party here in Solola strong,” said Nyirenda.

After a long tussle, dust has now settled in the ruling DPP as Chilima on Wednesday broke his silence and declared that he will not contest for any position at the convention slated later this month.

Chilima however declined to comment on his next step after leaving the DPP.

During the press conference, he blamed government for the rise in corruption and nepotism.



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