New party registered: MMD

Mkhutche: This is unnecessarily saturating our politics.

Days prior to Vice President Saulos Chilima’s announcement that he will not be vying for any seat at the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) convention, a new party was registered in Blantyre.

The registration of the Mbakuwaku Movement for Development Party (MMD) means Malawi’s registered parties are now hovering around 60.

Leaders of the party are at the moment not known. The registration certificate has been signed by Registrar of Political Parties Chapusa Phiri.

Political analyst Wonderful Mkhutche told Malawi24 that while this moves in tandem with the multiparty rule the nation opted for in a referendum in 1993, the upsurge has had a huge bearing on lowering quality and having diverse political ideologies.

“This is unnecessarily saturating our politics. There is compromise in quality of ideas from the parties. The increase in the number of political parties add no value to our politics. Most of these parties do not participate in political discourse that is why it is important to come up with a legislation that will control this,” he said.

In the previous elections, up to 11 political parties vied for the presidential seat, with a large number of parties falling to form coalitions.

Mergers and coalitions seem on the cards also as over ten parties are reportedly planning to form a coalition ahead of the elections next year.

Former ruling People’s Party is said to be championing this move.



  1. How is the work of the dpp if I may ask Mr. Keen Observer? Just because you hate the dpp doesn’t mean you should credit it with every shit happening in the country. Produce evidence that this is the dpp’s doing instead of just doing guess work. You are a keen Observer who observes nothing but allows figment of his imagination to taint his reasoning.

  2. I guess that this is DPP works trying to discredit Rt Honourable Chilima but they will not succeed.change is inevitable.

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