A mockery on generator purchase in Malawi

55 MW generators Malawi

Comedians are now taking their turns. One comedian is keeping on poking fun at the idea by the Malawi government to purchase generators meant to halt power outages in the country.

He questions why government purchased generators whose commissioning has only but seen a very minute alteration in the hours people have lights.

55 MW generators Malawi
55 MW generators Malawi govt. bought to ease blackouts.

At the moment, most locations in the country are having up to six hours of no power on daily basis, just about five hours less from what has been the trend from the end of last year the early months of 2018.

All the questions on the effectiveness of the generators keep rising on the social media, the public domain and now artists are finding the trend a worthwhile source of jokes.

One of the comedians to be having a good time with his jokes from the power blackouts is Mr. Jokes.

In one of the video clips, Mr. Jokes acts as a barber who is crying out loud saying his business is no longer helping in his life as he keeps on paying rentals for the shop – yet there is only power during the night, when entirely all his customers have gone to bed.

He says as a barber, he has a family to support and yet electricity – which execute a huge and steadfast role in his duties keep letting him down.

The video just like the most recent one has overtime gone viral on instant messaging applications lately.

But now, Mr. Jokes real name Andrew Thonyiwa has gone for the generator purchase. In a viral shortened video clip, he questions the relevance of the generators.

Jokes has questioned the relevance of the generators.

Comically, he says: ’’Akuluakulu, zomwe zikuchitika mdziko muno // ai ndithu// sizabwino//Magetsi akungothima daily mpaka lero//chonsecho ma generator anabwera//apatu nde bola akangotipasa aliyense generator yakeyake//ma generator omwe anabwerawo tikanagawanapo//­kuti aliyense awone kuti apanga chani//chifukwa palibe chomwe chikuchitika//­magetsi akuzima daily’’

He implies that every Malawian be given a generator to make their own plans on how to use them.
Ironically, the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) had indicated that the huge demand for power has risen due to the onset of the cold season and the tobacco processing season hence the blackouts.

This is perhaps why Thonyiwa says ‘let everyone use their generators, their own way’.

However, Escom had admitted recently that the generators will not end the blackouts. They said the emergency generators managed by Aggreko and Egenco are used for limited number of hours per day since they operate during peak hours when demand surpasses supply.

By July this year, Escom says it intends to lower the power cut by bringing in generators that will add up to 53 Megawatts. 20 Megawatts will also be bought from Zambia.

The questions on the efficiency of the generators also come under scrutiny after an image showing a truck filled with drums purchasing fuel at one filling station. Government has however indicated, the purchase of the generators is only one of the short term projects meant to halt the power situation in the country.

The other projects include realization of 40 Megawatts from a solar power plant generating which will be added to the grid by January 2019 and up to 70 Megawatts will be added to the grid by end of next year.



  1. Purchase of the generators was a flop that has ever happened in Malawi, we have a solar plant at KIA instead of buying the required batteries but instead went ahead to buy gensets that’s absurd. And the sustainability of these gas guzzlers it’s on the higher side with our poor economy.

  2. Iwenso opusa eti? Ukuwona ngati ku Joni ndi kumudzi kwanu? Anthu ngati inu ndi amene mwapangitsa kuti dziko lisatukuke. Mukumakatchetcha kwa eni chonsecho kuno tchire ndi lambiri.

  3. Kaya zani izi ife tiliking south Africa zamagezizo ife sitinatikuza

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