War not over in DPP, Chilima Movement to force Veep to challenge APM

Malawi`s vice president Dr Saulosi Klaus Chilima has finally settled the dust regarding his political future but his cheerleaders have other thoughts.

A few minutes after Chilima delivered what most Malawians dub a farewell speech earlier today, his supporters made fresh claims that they remain intact. In other words, this does not mark the death of their faction.

Noel Masangwi
Masangwi: We will keep on pushing Chilima.

One of the members of the Chilima Movement Noel Masangwi has told the media that they will keep on pushing the vice president to vie for presidency at the forthcoming Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) convention.

Masangwi told Times Telelevision in the morning that as a movement they have not given up on the movement, hence they will fight tooth and nail until the desirable change happens in the political arena.
In his speech, Chilima stressed that he will not contest for any role at the forthcoming DPP convention. He also disclosed that he will leave the ruling party through proper procedures.
Furthermore, the vice president said that he will tell Malawians in due course concerning his next move in politics.

This has left people jumping from one conclusion to another on the subject of Chilima`s next political move. Malawians can only speculate as to whether he will form his own party or side with an already existing party ahead of 2019 tripartite elections.

Another member of the Chilima Movement Bon Kalindo has been quoted by the media as applauding the country`s deputy leader for making a brave move.



  1. My people are destroyed due to lack of knowledge , because they lack knowledge ( Holly Spirit) that’s why they are fighting
    Chakwera is the next President**

  2. We all listening to the opulent pple the way their planing how they will squander Government money.

  3. The only good option for Chilima is to join MCP. Who knows he may succeed Dr. Chakwera in the future,

  4. By not disclosing his next move, Chilima wil create more followers.

  5. Nanunso a Chilima ndi movement yanu timakukondani koma mukutisowetsa pamene muli.nthawi yochepa kwambiri imene yatsala koma mfundo siikuonekabe,inu kuyankhula zina agulu lanu akulankhula zina kodi simumapangana zochita kumbaliko mukamakhala,but remember when doing politics, don’t do as if you’re in church nor as if you’re doubting for yourself.

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