Chilima will not challenge Mutharika at DPP convention


Vice president  Saulos Chilima has said he will not contest for any position during the Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) convention expected to take place this month.

Speaking today at a press briefing at his office in Lilongwe, Chilima said he will not contest  for DPP  presidency but will reveal his next move in the near future.

Chilima: will not face Mutharika.

He however did not resign from his position as vice president of the republic of Malawi saying he will work with President Peter Mutharika till 2019.

“For now, as the DPP has announced that it is holding its convention this June, I have decided not to contest on the DPP ticket for any position at the forthcoming party’s convention, let alone challenge the party’s presidency. I wish all delegates to the convention the best of luck and God’s blessings as they chart a new chapter in the  DPP. May democracy reign supreme and may the best candidates win,”

said Chilima.

A grouping called Chilima Movement has been pushing the vice president to challenge his boss Mutharika at the DPP convention and contest as the party’s presidential candidate in the 2019 elections.

Chilima thanked people behind the movement for their courage and determination.
“I am humbled with the confidence they have placed in me. I am sure they are following a cause, that is Democracy.
“This is the democracy we fought for in 1992 that people should freely exercise their birth right to express their views without fear. I should also, perhaps, thank the people who have either enjoyed the fray or simply resigned to submission, nanga ife tingatani, nanga ife tingasinthenji. But in truth, such  silence and inaction amounts to complicity in the plunder of our nation’s wealth,” Chilima said.

He also thanked Mutharika for choosing him as his runmingmate in 2014.

“I owe it to him for my growing out of the ‘BABY’ I was. I thank Malawians for the confidence they reposited in us. I thank Malawians for the support you have continued to render us despite all the challenges faced,” said Chilima.



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