Sim card registration deadline set


The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has set a deadline for registration of sim cards in the country.

The registration process which started in January was supposed to be concluded in May.
However, the process was put to a halt by the government a few weeks after it was implemented.


MACRA has set a deadline for registration of sim cards.

The regulatory body brought back to life the exercise a few weeks later. This time, Malawians have until 31st September to register their sim cards and failure to do so will attract consequences.

Media reports indicate that all unregistered cards will be deactivated after the said date. As such all citizens with mobile phones are being encouraged to register so as to avoid the ugly consequence.

Malawians have different reactions to the registration. A majority of people feel it is important as it will help in curbing crime.

However, most people think there is need for further extension of the registration period.

“I am not against the sim card registration but the responsible body should have dedicated the whole year to the exercise,” said Fyness Manyungwa from Blantyre.