Malawi bids farewell to Zimbabwean diplomat

Thandiwe Dumbutshena

Malawi on Thursday held a farewell function for outgoing Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Malawi Thandiwe Dumbutshena.

The diplomat, who also served as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Malawi for years, is leaving the country 14 years after presenting her letters of credence.

Thandiwe Dumbutshena
Dumbutshena and Fabiano

At the farewell function, Malawi’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano, described Dumbutshena as a true friend of Malawi who has helped improve Malawi’s relations with Zimbabwe.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malawi said the country will miss Dumbutshena and hoped that her replacement would continue her good work.

Dumbutshena presented her letters of credence in 2004. According to reports, she was a headteacher in Zimbabwe before coming to Malawi.