Karma hits adulterous TA


Karma has hit Traditional Authority Chindi of Mzimba after his friend slept with the chief’s wife.

According to a resident, the traditional leader has a habit of having sex with other people’s wives.

A few weeks ago, he slept with the wife of his friend Obed Nyirenda and the issue led to the breakdown of Nyirenda’s marriage.

Earlier this week, there was a party in the area and TA Chindi went there with his wife. After getting drunk, the chief left his wife at the party and went home.

When the wife later got home, Chindi did not open the door for her since he was intoxicated and asleep. The woman then went to Nyirenda’s house.

The two were later caught having sex by Nyirenda’s girlfriend.

Residents are however not feeling sorry for the chief due to his behavior.


One Comment

  1. What a circus. What goes around, cums around. Whatever a man sows so shall he reap. What a disgraceful chief and he is a influence to the community. He must be stripped off his chieftaincy.