Chilima will face Mutharika at DPP convention -movement


Members of the Chilima Movement in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have said Vice President Saulos Chilima will face President Peter Mutharika at the party’s convention.

The group made the remarks at a press briefing today in Lilongwe where members took turns to endorse Chilima.

Malawi Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: Mutharika is too old to lead the country.

Addressing the media, Member of Parliament for Mulanje West Patricia Kaliati said the decision to endorse Chilima follows former First Lady Calista Mutharika’s remarks that Malawi should have a new leader in 2019 because President Peter Mutharika is too old to lead the country.

On claims that the Chilima camp wants to sell the party, Kaliati said DPP is a national party which belongs to all Malawians regardless of where one is coming from therefore everyone has the opportunity to contest in every position.

According to Kaliati, the group is ready for the DPP conventiom and hopes anyone will be allowed to contest for any position.

“For the sake of democracy, let me propose that each and every person must contest in all party positions during the convention. Let members face each other,” she said.

Bon Kalindo
Kalindo during the briefing

She then warned that if Chilima will not be allowed to contest during the convention, the MPs shall not allow General Elections to take place next year.

Kaliati further said Chilima is not young as he is capable of holding the position of president citing his performance in implementing the Public Reforms Programme.

She added that things are not going well in the country hence Malawi needs Chilima to resolve many of the issues Malawians are facing.

She also asked Civil Society Organizations to civic educate people that MPs are also Malawians and they have freedom to make decisions on presidential issues in order to bring change for the benefit of everyone.

On her part, Calista Mutharika said Chilima is not a baby and they will make sure that he should lead this country come what may.

She advised president Mutharika to accept that he is old and can not lead this country .



  1. What Is see in this group is that, these people aren’t doing this for the goodness of Malawians, but just want top seats thereafter

  2. Please do not let these people contest for any seat at the convention. They are all useless

  3. Calista Ngati ukufuna chilima kuti akukwatire ndiye walemba madzi,chilima ndiokwatira ali ndi mkazi,tangokhalani chete nthawi yanu inatha mai zipaseni ulemu

  4. am lost of what to say,it looks like pple no longer believes in anything but their own minds,mandatory APM is allowed to stand,constitutionally there is no age limit,politically his party endorses him but still a faction sticks to its guns to contest with him?really pple?

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