Alert: Foot and Mouth hits BT, Neno

Foot and mouth-Neno

…Butchers get stern warning…

Malawi government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development has warned of suspected outbreak of foot and mouth disease reported in Blantyre and Neno district.

Foot and mouth-Neno
Ministry of health has suspended markets of livestock.

The ministry has disclosed that it has established 164 clinical cases in Neno and 13 cases in Blantyre, Kunthedwe in the city.

In a statematent today signed by Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Nyandule Phiri, the ministry has outlined measure to contain the disease that has affected Blantyre and Neno.

They include temporary ban of livestock slaughter and suspension of markets of livestock.

The ministry has also restricted animal movement from the affected areas and has urged law enforcers to be checking in road blocks.

“The Ministry would, therefore, like to inform the general public that it is importing vaccines to contain the outbreak and will continue to provide updates.

“The Ministry is therefore urging the livestock farmers and the general public to cooperate with its officials and security officers including the Police during the implementation of the measures,” says the statement.

Foot and Mouth is a highly contagious viral disease that affects mostly cattle.