Manganya for Vice President, to partner with Chilima


People are increasingly agitating for a youthful leadership. Now, the name of actor Michael Usi aka Manganya has also been thrown into the ring.

A traditional leader from Zomba on Sunday urged leader of Odya Zake Alibe Mlandu Movement Michael Usi to be Vice President Saulos Chilima’s runningmate in the 2019 tripartite elections.


For Vice President

Usi who is reportedly planning to contest as Member of Parliament for Mulanje Central Constituency met several chiefs in Mangochi on Sunday as part of his movement.

During the meeting, Senior Group Village Headman Mwembere of Zomba asked Usi to team up with Chilima for the 2019 polls. According to reports, Usi did not comment on the request.

Usi earlier this year resigned as country director of Adventist Relief Agency (ADRA) to start the Odya Zake Alibe Mulandu Movement.

In interviews since joining politics, Usi has been criticising President Peter Mutharika saying he is not meant to be a president and that is why he is failing to run the country.

Chilima is part of Mutharika’s administration but he is being urged to replace his boss and contest in the 2019 elections as the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate.



  1. APPROVED. Go ahead. We have used the Madala presidents from colonial time and there has been no change in development. its time to try the youth.

  2. Manganya ngati akufuna ndale achepese ma jock pa tikufelanji drama. Awone chisanzo cha winiko nthawi ya campaign anachepesa ma jocks kuyamba kulimbana ndi dera lakwao

  3. kkkkkkkkkkkkk koma yaaa zilikoliko ineso ndikhala nawo mmenemu i will be the second vice president to chilima poti ikufunika ndi youthful leadership

  4. My fellow Malawians, I’m much concerned about my own country Malawi , since I was born it’s almost 37 years ago now , I have never seen a serious president in my country, and I don’t expect to have a very matured president without praying to God .let’s keep on praying so that God can here our prayers, I cry for my own country. Let’s stop comparing country and Family, you can be a good leader in your family because it’s small, but not to a country. Stop jocks be serious.let’s help our pastors to pray for our country.

  5. This is childish nonsense dziko mayesa chitumbuwa eti poyamba nose mugwa u MP mumadera mwanu kuti mudziwe kuti we a not 4 pada

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