It’s a landslide: Chilima floors APM on poll


Day in day out, tensions from an abruptly growing movement in the ruling DPP are making the headlines.

The faction is pushing for the election of Saulos Chilima as a torchbearer for the party in the polls next year. But this is coming at a stern rejection of a probable endorsement for incumbent leader Peter Mutharika whom they say his ‘age’ has rendered him ‘no power to rule’ the nation.

Saulos Chilima

Chilima got 120 votes against Mutharika 42.

Chilima, who this weekend insinuated at a public rally that he would leave the DPP overcame Mutharika in an opinion poll administered by Malawi24 for readers to vote for whom they would favour as a DPP presidential candidate.

The vice president got 120 votes against his boss’ 42, from the calculated votes on our Facebook page under a post made on 23rd May, 2018.

Most of the readers in favour of Chilima argued that the nation needs to be led by a more youthful leader and that calls for Mutharika to pave way for Chilima at the convention make much more sense.

But Mutharika had recently said he still feels young (he is aged 77) and that at the convention he will contest.

Others however said whoever is going to be DPP’s candidate, the party needs only to be taken out of power citing social ills like drug shortages, continued blackouts and corruption as evidence of its failure.

The Chilima faction is championed by former Information Minister Patricia Kaliati who fell from Mutharika’s cabinet after a reported feud with some DPP zealots close to Mutharika.

She is joined by lawmaker Bon Kalindo and the party’s director of youth Lewis Ngalande.

The extent of the matter was recently exposed when Local Government Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa and DPP’s Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey had their phone conversation leaked.

In the chat the two said there were plans in the party to appoint the three (Kaliati, Kalindo and Ngalande) to various ministerial posts so as to silence them on the calls they have been making.

Recently, DPP subcommittees in the South have been making calls for an early convention for the party so that the ‘feuds’ is resolved in a good time ahead of the polls.

The Chilima movement is being pushed for by mostly ‘youthful’ party members.

It is perhaps in line with such thoughts that Mutharika feted with 1200 DPP members from Malawian colleges at State House where among other things he gave them all free beers and money amounting to K20,000 each.

Analysts have said the move was nothing other than the idea of buying support from the students.

Here are the selected comments from our readers on the post.

John Michembo: 2019 people will vote him [APM] out of government! We need someone who will manage our taxes.

Chanza Douglas: When people were electing him Peter Mutharika as president didn’t they think about age? His terms are not yet finished one term remains so let him be.

Madalitso Mpango: It’s time for new generation to lead this country, alamuwo eeeee akula akapume, so B, Chilima yemweyo kuti wawawa.

Kingsley Wakwa Dega-dega wrote: The embattled Mutharika can’t win over Chilima although a certain old man (AGOGO) said that this government is not for babies.

Smileys Lodi Enkian wrote:  Professor Arthur Peter Yoswa Wa Mutharika, I love my President so much Peter we love you and you are going to finish your last term.

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  1. Guys! Guys Guys! Don’t forget our four corners as Malawians! we promised LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY and ….. In our country. Have you forgotten so early my dear brethren. We don’t use another fire to set off fire which is burning! What we will benefit when we are fighting like this without solutions! Use your brain my brethren before you announce what is provoking you in your mind. No one ever succeeded by using rude, dishonest and unrighteous in this world we are living. Lets put God in front of prayers, he will give us a leader whom he will bless and give him wisdom to rule our country as he did to Solomon

  2. Amene akuti chilima ngwachamba

    Komaso ndi mumalawi wobwera amene sakuziwa mwambo wathu ife amalawi.

    Tsimalowetsa chokolo mwini wake ali moyo. Komaso acjilimawo adya mufulumira ndiye ziwafoteta aziwiretu zimenezi.

    Anzawowo akuwanamiza kwambir akanakumbukira kumene achoka atsana chuluke nzeruzawozo.

  3. Fools !!!why Chirima is troubling pple who choose him?pple they even don’t know him and those three puppets Kaliat ,kalindo and Ngalande they are all fools !y are they fooling other pple to support Chirima box they have been paid?we don’t know Chirima who is he? Wongotengedwa ndi munthu mmodzi Sanavoteredwe azivuta y?if he say a lot about DPP failures iye Ali kuti? He is there too stealing so is lying to as as a good guy ?!Akagwere uko asatibowe ife and ena atopa ndi masewero ativutenso? Akaluyati kodi akufuna chiyani Since nthawi yakamudzu up to now ,tatopa kukumvani kodi dzikolathu I we ndie wanzeru Pitani mai mukapume mukasamale amuna anu OUT off way plz you crooks

  4. very dumb n dome pple,how can chilima win a dpp convention which has already endorsed a candidate? why pple can be so dumb?why can’t you forsee what’s happening in the future?Malawians lacks visionary eyes.Opinion polls has proved a failure previously n it’s only fools who buys that nonsense go ask hillary clinton she will tell you how fake opinion polls are.People please stop living in a bubble,Chilima is fake n lacks the ability designing a sound layout to ascend to that high office,he has created his own downfall n he knows it that’s why now he goes around trying to buy support from Malawi communities abroad n bad mouthing his own govt to destroy it’s reputation n paint himself as an option:what a shame using a strategy of failures,you don’t promote your brand thru bad mouthing your competitors. Eish let me rest am tired

  5. what a shame n backward thinking you pple could be?really an opinion poll on Facebook? seriously?have you forgotten what happened to hillary Clinton or you are just very dumb n dome?how many opinion polls put hillary Clinton in the lead?seriously?
    I will know if Mutharika will lose by simply talking to my family members in the village and for your information pple from my home village were recorded pa wailesi akunena kuti akuwapemphelela abwana omwe akulamulila kuti akhale ndi moyo wautali kuti chitukuko cha msewu chomwe akumanga kudela lakwathu chisayimile panjila.Take it or leave it i do hAve the audios on whats app, am farfrom Malawi but anthu a kumudzi tells me the truth not the fake paid media’s. No way Chilima can win Dpp candidacy,politics is game n a dirty game,secondly you can’t fight with your own party he must simply ask Hon Msowoya

  6. chilima yemweyo kuti wawawawa pano sitikukamba za kumudzi tikukamba za anthu omwe anavota pa tsamba la facebook .wakumudzi kapena wa tauni .kumudzi anthu ali ndi njinga zamoto kuposa mtauni.

  7. Its stupid for young blood to favour old Madala who is doing nothing but eating our taxi money… He is only gonna lead the Malawi nationa to the grave yard..

  8. It would be very funny & stupid to think that chilima is loved oby many only by looking at whatever voting system malawi 24 conducted. Mind you people who take their time to vote during elections are mostly from the rural areas. Ambirife we are just good @ talking a lot pa social media pompa.

  9. It would be very funny & stupid to think that chilima is loved oby many only by looking at whatever voting system malawi 24 conducted. Mind you people who take their time to vote during elections are mostly from the rural areas. Ambirife we are just good @ talking a lot pa social media pompa.