Favoured Martha falls victim to death hoax

Favoured Martha

Ill-willed Malawians continue to kill people on cyberspace following fake reports about the death of prominent gospel artist in the name of Favoured Martha.

Martha of the former Favoured Sisters duet was rumoured to be dead following her illness. Reports indicate that the songstress has been fighting for normal health in hospital for a period of two weeks.

Favoured Martha
Favoured Martha: Alive

Her health condition drove other people to conclude, she has joined the land of the ancestors. And many people on Facebook were led to believe that.

However it has been confirmed that she is alive.

The gospel musicians was admitted in hospital for two weeks she is on bed rest which will sideline her from stage action until she regains her robust health.

“Martha was admitted for two weeks but she is fine and in good health,” sounds a voice in an audio clip that has gone viral on WhatsApp trashing the death claims.

The gospel queen joins her fellow servant in the ministry, Princess Chitsulo, who was once reported dead. Another musician, Joseph Tembo was also rumoured to be dead at some point in time.







  1. We need the law to regulate what people say on social networks.
    This kind of trend is no good for us as other people may be harmed by
    the false news publicized.

  2. It’s not in malawi only…almost every country does the same…hoax is every were

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