Dausi says Chilima should offer solutions to curb corruption


Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi has told Vice President Saulos Chilima to provide ways of dealing with corruption in Malawi.

Dausi was reacting to Chilima’s claims that there is rampant corruption in government as people are focusing on enriching themselves.


Dausi: Chilima must provide ways of dealing with corruption.

The minister said Chilima as vice president of Malawi should provide solutions to end the problem of corruption rather than speaking about it during events.

He added that Chilima should also explain his remarks considering that he is part of the corrupt Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government.

Meanwhile, political analyst Happy Kayuni has warned that Chilima should be taken seriously since he is in government and is aware of what is happening.

Chilima’s criticism of the DPP government comes at a time a movement in the DPP is supporting him to be the party’s torchbearer in 2019 elections.

Chilima has however never publicly spoken about the calls for him to replace President Peter Mutharika in 2019.



  1. The President of the Republic of Malawi agrees that there is massive corruption in the Government Ministries, Departments and Companies run by the Government.
    Chilima was given a job at OPC for reformation. He gave solution and he was removed.
    Why do you Dausi ask Chilima to give solutions when you do not use his advice.

    When the president announced that there is rampant corruption why did you Dausi not ask the President for solutions.

    Game yogona. Knowing you Dausi you will follow Chilima very shortly and un-shamelessly.

  2. A Dausi mwaomerezatu kuti muli katangale mu dpp. Ndiye mwapeza kuti a Chilima athandize eti. Adzudzule polakwika msiyeni ndiye mtsogoleri ameneyou.