Tsar Leo runs town with Wifey

Tsa leo

Malawi`s RnB superstar Tsar Leo maintains his prowess in the genre having given Malawians another gift called Wifey.

Being a master of that type of music, it could not take him any longer to shine with the work. A week has elapsed since Wifey dropped, but the hype it has attracted is way too much given the song`s age.

Tsa leo
Tsar Leo performing at Chanco

The Lilongwe based artist has trusted the hands of Henwood in production, and it seems his faith in the producer has not betrayed him.

“I might just give you my time/give you attention/Love and attention, love and affection yeye/I might just give you my life/Love and attention, Love and affection ye,” sings Tsar Leo on the chorus.

The song continues to earn more downloads from the country`s major music sites. It is also enjoying airplay on radio stations.

Leo has been on top of his game since getting into the limelight early 2016. He promises to continue giving Malawians music that satisfy their listening pleasures.

Many people have described the lad as Malawi`s gift to the world. This is owed to his music touch which meets international standards.