‘Nothing wrong with Mutharika’s niece being given embassy job’

Duwa Mutharika

Malawians have backed President Peter Mutharika after government gave his niece Duwa Mutharika a job at the South African Embassy.

Duwa who is the daughter of Mutharika’s brother late President Bingu WA Mutharika has been appointed first secretary responsible for tourism at the Malawi Consulate General in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Duwa Mutharika
Duwa Mutharika

The appointment was revealed in a letter signed by Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mbuya Isaac Munlo and dated May 11, 2018.

Malawians on social media however say there is nothing wrong with the appointment even though Duwa is Mutharika’s niece.

“If she has qualities which qualifies her to the position then good enough, I don’t see any problem at all,” said Facebook user Macdonald Banda.

“She is a Malawian citizen like anybody else provided she is competent and qualified, nothing wrong,” noted Reuben Phiri.

While Samson Phunzo said: “Imagine if it were you, would you let your relative suffers from unemployment yet he/she is fit enough to do the job, instead, employing somebody whom you doesn’t know. It’s really unfair. Yes, had it been that she is unfit we had to blame that but here she has qualifications and citizenship in addition, 100% eligible.”



  1. Also me I do not see any problem Peter is practicing Tumbuka culture,Bravo mr president

  2. Me too I don’t see anything wrong with this so long as she is qualified. Nde ngati sitimulemba ntchito kwathu kuno azamulembe ndani. Come Malawians let’s concentrate on important things rather than this. Band igawana zidatu oooh. Just wait and see

  3. Let her go and add the rot that is already there. Too much political conspiracy and tribal divisions, and hatred, lying against each other etc. Welcome to the club Duwa.

  4. Nothing wrong as long as well qualified & did well in the interviews if there was any BUT if she taken a place somebody who was well deserved then that can be a problem but otherwise any Malawian who is qualified & fit for the position then must work regardless of relationship to the big dogs.

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