Roaming cattle worries council

Malawi Cattle

Karonga District Council (KDC) has bemoaned the continued loitering of cattle around Karonga town saying the situation has reached alarming levels and needs addressing.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Karonga district commissioner (DC) Richard Hara said the council is not happy with the situation and is ready to take action on the matter.

Richard Hara-Karonga DC
Hara: We are not happy

He said the sight of cattle roaming around town is not a good look as it has brought a lot of hazards around the main business market thereby posing health risks.

“As the district council we are working on the situation, we want to address this matter once and for all and we have already started the process by engaging stakeholders to come up with bylaws against this vice,” he said.

According to the DC, they are exploring ways and identifying an area where they can construct a kraal to keep impounded cattle.

“We are working on bylaws that will be fair for everyone, we don’t want to punish people with difficult bylaws we want it to be perfect for all because as a DC I’m not happy seeing cattle roaming around town and office premises destructing pedestrians and people doing their businesses,” Hara said.

However, Florence Msowoya, a businesswoman plying her trade at Karonga has pushed the problem of roaming cattle in town on the doorstep of the council saying the situation has got worse because the council has turned a blind eye to it.

She said until bylaws are introduced and are enforced, stray cattle will continue causing health and safety challenges to the public.

“There must be political will from the council to resolve this issue. It’s long overdue and they must walk the talk because this is a huge challenge as it is contributing in making the town look hazardous and unclean,” she lamented.