Organisation praised for K5m borehole


Thousands of households that have been struggling to find water in Phalombe now have something to ease their problem as a new water source has been drilled.

On Tuesday, New Life Anointed Ministries handed over a borehole which the organisation has constructed in Mkwepa village where villagers were walking long distances in search of water.

Phalombe residents can now wear a smile.

Speaking after handing over the borehole, executive director for the faith based organisation Bishop Christopher Kapito said the idea of drilling the borehole came after noticing that people were supplying water from their homes when they were constructing an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre in the area.

“We started with an ECD project but things were moving at a slow pace due to lack of water as people were bringing water for construction from their homes. In addition it is hard to find water in this area so that is why we thought of drilling this borehole,” he said.

Kapito further asked users of the borehole to take care of it so that it should last longer for the next generations to also enjoy the water.

Mkwepa Village Headwoman thanked New Life Anointed Ministries for the support saying women from her village were meeting a lot of challenges due to lack of water source.

“Women were leaving their homes early to fetch water and on their way some robbers were stealing their buckets.

“The lack of water source also led to family problems as some men accused their wives of cheating saying they lie about going to find water when they go to other men,” the chief said.

One of the villagers, Mary Benito Chitsulo, said in an interview that they were required to pay some cash at the water source they were using which is some kilometers away from their village.

“We are happy now that we will be getting water closer to our homes, we are grateful for this. At the borehole which is in Kaledzera (neighbouring Group Village Headman which is miles away) they were demanding us to pay some money to get water,” she said.

Chitsulo added by asking well-wishers to think of drilling more boreholes in other villages around Mkwepa saying there will be congestion at the newly drilled borehole as other villages are also benefiting.

About five villages with a population of over 4000 are benefitting from the borehole which has been constructed with funds amounting to Mk5,083,500 from North Sea Baptist Church of Norway through French Ministries International.