DPP presidential candidate disputes getting sour: Malawians in USA endorse Chilima

Saulos Chilima

As the tide against President Peter Mutharika rises within the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Malawians living in the United States of America have said they are behind Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Ahead of the coming 2019 tripartite elections, it is still unknown who will represent the ruling DPP at the polls as presidential candidate wrangles between Chilima and Mutharika camps is refusing to settle.

Saulos Chilima
Malawians in USA endorse Chilima.

A week ago, some DPP Members of Parliament endorsed Mutharika as the party’s presidential candidate in the 2019 Tripartite Elections against the background of some DPP members declaring their support for Vice President Chilima to stand for the presidency in the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

Additionally, President Mutharika declared himself DPP torchbearer for the 2019 Tripartite Elections, trashing those calling for him to leave the stage.

Mutharika said those who are endorsing Chilima want a weak candidate to give Malawi Congress Party (MCP) the presidency on a silver platter.

However, Malawians living in USA have endorsed Chilima who is not being given a chance by DPP top officials, Mutharika inclusive.

In an endorsement letter for Chilima 2019 Presidential Candidacy, the Malawians said they believe that Chilima will bring a change in as far as governing this country is concerned.

“We have critically cross examined and analyzed all the 2019 candidatures and aspirants through our grassroots collection of information and we came to a consensus that the Rt. Hon. Saulos Klaus Chilima is the right person to be endorsed for the 2019 Presidency,” reads part of the endorsement letter.

The grouping said it is mobilizing resources and establishing forums where it will coordinate the support Chilima need from the group.

“We will try our best to ensure that you have rightfully given the Presidential Position in 2019. We will pump in and inject our efforts, ideas, talents, knowledge and skills through various means of fundraising events here in the U.S. intended to influence and motivate more people living in Malawi both in rural and urban settings,” another part of the letter says.

According to the Malawians, they want Chilima because they would like to see their relatives living in Malawi having quality food, good health systems, quality infrastructures and education.

The whole Chilima movement was started by former first lady Callista Mutharika who said that Mutharika, 79, would be too old to carry on as he would be 84 at the time of leaving office in 2024 if re-elected next year.

Callista, who is the President’s sister- in-law, favours Chilima, 45, to represent DPP in 2019.
Some senior DPP members, such as director of youth Lewis Ngalande and legislators Bon Kalindo, Allan Ngumuya and Noel Masangwi also support Chilima.



  1. Chilima ndi deal guys lets try fresh blood in Malawis politics osati nkhalambazi zatikwana ife

  2. Am from the South n i love the Mutharika Family so much. This family do have a gd vision4Malawi but here is the fact only facts guys; Can sb b honest to tell me that alot of developments have taken place apart from greed n corruption leaders who hide under Mutharika regime? Number 2. Some pple n not all pple r saying Chilima is a betrayer n power hungry by saying he was telling pple2go and march on the street n that also is the the one bringing division within DPP. Can we pliz look back in 2014’s,2015’s n c how the relationship between Chilima n Mutharika hv bn going when Chilima was leading the transformation agenda n then taken away from him. Was it Chilima himself who said no to that n if not who is that one. Did pple n dpp including our presodent give Chilima any position n the party as how things does with other pple n y. There z alot, plenty to tell. Her z maquestion; with all these painful events, shud we Malawians say Chilima is considered dpp or not. Who z 2blame n blamed. Between 2 sins that z the sin Chilima z doing now n the the sin that dpp have bn doing2Chilima, which of these 2 is the first sin committed by either 2 n btwn de 1st sin n 2nd sin which one shud b addressed 1st. My fellow malawians sometimes if we do gd work that gd work will follow either gd or bad n that z y ours leaders will continue take us all4 a ride. Malawi shud wake up. God bls Nyasaland

  3. We are against that type of thinking that some families owns parties, that is the reason we have to test new way of thinking… we are actually tired with that sort of mentality…. people can not be taken for granted anymore! We need to drop the ‘I should beat my neighborhood type of greed’ We have seen what others have done and now is time to appoint people in government who are qualified to be in those positions…promote innovations, come up with REALLY GOOD POLICY on investments..The whole nation should support this way of this and give Independency to the ACB and sort out the power issue

  4. Zoona atilamlila mpaka liti ma 80yrs aaaa achinyamata mlibe ,boys no chilima ayime basis,ngati ndi mwana VP munampasa bwanji?

  5. Mpaseni mpata Saulos Chilima atsogolere dzikoli inu mukapume kwinaku mukulera zidzukulu

  6. Kukamba kosaganiza wina akuti boma silingachoke kwa a china muthalika. Dikirani nthawi ikubwera mudzaona ndi maso anu. Anthufe kunja kuno tidayera mmaso ndipo nthabwala zanuzo muzachita nazo manyazi.

  7. Writing is on the wall, as a leader one should be wise to know when to clear the desk and pack the bags. Why do you want to mess up a legacy by listening to selfish advisors. Time is now give young people a chance. If he fails so what? You, yourself have not done well either

  8. chilima is fake,greed,power hungry and thinks he is smart.he thinks he can play smart in politics a game well known to be dirty.In his mind he fakes himself that regional politics are bygones,in his mind he fakes himself that he is more qualified than his senior,in his mind he fakes himself that Malawi poltical parties are not family properties .He knows that the Mutharikas owns Dpp,the Muluzis owns Udf,the Tembos&Kadzamira owns Mcp etc but he Chilima full of faking,he decided to go against the tide.Chilima’s downfall is forthcoming

  9. those endorsing chilima are wasting time and politically immature because firstly they seem not well conversant with Malawi politics.They expose umbuli pa ndale za pa nyasa where political parties are family properties,you can’t snatch Mcp from John Tembo,you can’t snatch Udf from the Muluzis and you can’t snatch Dpp from the Mutharikas .You can call this primitive or uncivilised culture and you won but be assured it is what it is.The problem with Chilima is kukula mtima,greed n power hunger,he thinks he is smart and thinks he can play smart in politics a game well known to be dirty.He is even blinded to go against the wishes of the party seniors who does endorse APM clearly showing no respect to seniors thereby creating chaos in his own organisation.Chilima’s downfall is forthcoming he needs to save more funds for life afterwork don’t spend his money globetrotting buying support abroad for a cause that won’t materialise.

  10. Let’s give govt to the youth. Chilima should come in come rain come sunshine.

    Tatopa nkulamulilidwa ndi nkhalambazi zomwe zikungokondera pa maudindo

  11. Point of order please! This news article should read DPP supporters in the US endorse Chilima. People have different political affiliations out there!

  12. Please let’s be honest. It’s DPP supporters in the US endorsing Chilima not Malawians in US. You need to tell people the truth!

  13. Malawians in USA endorse chilima, this is too general. It is as if all Malawians who leave in USA have said so, which would be a lie. Just say some Malawians in USA, after all u have also said its a groping. The title is too general.

  14. If Chilima can bring change he can even do so outside DPP so advice him to form his own party and come and vote for him

  15. Yes even in South Africa Malawians are behind Chilima.
    Why Peter still needs to be a president?
    You are not only person that can preside our country.
    Give Chilima a chance

  16. Good move guys . We’re so sick and tired of this mutharika , and the only problem with mutharika is because he entertain the thugs around him . I mean pple like chaponda and pple who only cares of their famillies , not the pple who put them in power . The only thing that mutharika can do now is to resign and leave for fresh blood to run this country , in a very truthful way

  17. Ifenso kuno ku South Africa tikuti Chilima basi babawa basi zawo apanga amusiile amene akuti ndi baby’yo aonetse za u baby wake.

  18. Chilima is not a politician. Musamumupweteketse Mwana. Muuzeni akayime ku konveshion mukaone mmene akagwere. In democracy it is majority rule

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