DPP governor says convention is only for Mutharika’s supporters


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Regional Governor for the North Kenneth Sanga has warned supporters of Vice President Saulos Chilima that they will not be allowed to attend the party’s convention.

Sanga said President Peter Mutharika’s camp will ensure that the president goes unopposed at the convention by barring supporters of Chilima from entering the convention hall.

Kenneth Sanga
Sanga: Chilima’s supporters will have no chance to vote.

Several DPP senior members want Chilima to be the party’s candidate for the 2019 elections.
However, Mutharika has insisted that he will represent the DPP next year.

There is a possibility the two may face each other at the DPP convention and Mutharika’s supporters are taking no chances.

Sanga told a development rally held at Edingeni in Mzimba Hora Constituency on Tuesday that

Chilima’s supporters will have no chance to vote for their favourite presidential candidate.

“President Mutharika is our leader. I promise you that anyone with different views will not see the door of the convention hall but only those who will put president Mutharika in the hot seat,” said Sanga.

He also claimed to be the one tasked with providing names of delegates to the convention.

During the event, Minister of Transport Jappie Mhango said Mutharika is still strong to continue leading the country and should be given a chance to compelete projects which his administration has started.

Commenting on Sanga’s remarks, DPP spokersperson Francis Kasaila said the regional governor was expressing his own opnion.



  1. Vincent, D.P.P does not necessarily mean Democratic Progressive Party, it rather means Dynasty Progressive Party for them. Why don’t you think aloud you guys. If it were a national party, they would not have involved Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa to solve party issues that were under the jurisdiction of the party’s N.E.C. Just let this dynasty continue to be stubborn and arrogant as they are insisting and the negative results of the May, 2019 tripartite elections.
    Ndiithu akuluakulu mudzanditsimikiza mwambi uwu utapherezera panthawi yoyikika ndi mwini chilungamo komanso choonadi (NAMALENGA/ CHISUMPHI) amene akusunga mzimu wa Maxon Mbendera kumene uliko.

  2. If so then my vote I’ll give mcp . Coz this is now not a democracy as you always say , its one party system and we can’t afford to go back to that dictatorship

  3. APM woyeeeeee….. Kaya wina afune Kaya asafune APM Boma!!!!!!

    Chilima azikalima kwawo uyu…

  4. Where is democracy now. This is really interesting. Well it’s their time, let it be like that. Thanks a Malawi anzanga.

  5. asa zautsilu kumuopa mwana chilima. Ine nganganga pambuyo pake.

  6. This party must remove the first latter D and replace with another that suit of that act becouse what they are doing is not DEMOCRACY

  7. Imagine! Is this party really democratic? Why stopping others from attending their convention when all are members of the same party?

    Why does this man want APM to go un opposed?


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