Minister Chiumia draws anger after removing gearbox from ambulance


Nkhatabay residents are angry with Minister of Civic Education Grace Chiumia for taking out a gearbox from an ambulance belonging to a health centre in the district.

According to the residents, the minister took out the gearbox because the ambulance was not allocated to her constituency.

Nkhatabay residents angry with Chiumia

The vehicle, BN 801, belongs to Mzenga Health Centre in Nkhata Bay North West but it developed a fault and was not being used.

Chiumia took the vehicle for servicing and at the garage the vehicle’s gearbox was repaired.
She then gave it to her Nkhatabay North Constituency to be used as an ambulance.

However, the Nkhata Bay District Council said the vehicle belongs to Nkhatabay North West and it should be given back to the constituency.

This angered Chiumia who removed the gearbox from the vehicle before giving the vehicle to the council.

Nkhata Bay district commissioner Rodney Simwaka has since told the local media that the council will use its K700 000 money to maintain the vehicle.



  1. Meaning what?
    MCP ikanakhala ya nkhanza bwenzi iwe ulipo? Dont u know kuti nkhanza ndi mtima?
    undisamale ase

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