K6 million worth of liquor burned


With the aim of cracking down on liquor which is said to be of low standard, police in Chikwawa together with Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) have confiscated and burnt plastic packaged liquor worth about K6 million.

About 300 cartons consisting 1,200 bottles of this illicit liquor were set ablaze on Tuesday between the grounds of the district council and the Chikwawa police station.


According to Chikwawa police publicist Foster Benjamin, the liquor was confiscated at Thabwa checkpoint in the district on Sunday.

The liquor belonged to a Burundian trader Ndiho Alphonse. Malawian Alex Paul was also arrested as the two were transporting the liquor in a van.

For contravening the Malawi Bureau of Standards act number 14 0f 2012 and the subsequent ban of the spirits packaged in illegal plastic bottles, the two have since been fined K500,000 and are likely to serve three years in jail as per required.