AFORD needs ‘legitimate’ convention

A convention which Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) hoped would end wrangles in the party ended up igniting more disputes and now the party has been advised to hold another convention.

After two conventions earlier this month, two leaders claimed presidency of the party ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Both Chihana and Mwenefumbo are claiming presidency of AFORD.

Enock Chihana who is son to founder of the party Chakufwa Chihana claims he is the rightful candidate to lead AFORD during the polls.

On the other hand, legislator Frank Mwenefumbo also claims to be the president of AFORD and that he will be on the ballot paper in 2019 polls.

During a recent media program aired on Sunday Tiuzeni Zoona, each of the two also claimed presidency of AFORD and vowed to remain leader of the opposition party.

Mwenefumbo disclosed that he is ready to lead AFORD in the next elections with him being the president.

Again, Chihana claimed that he is the only person that Malawians should give a tick to if they favour AFORD to be the next party to rule.

However, political expert Wonderful Mkhutche is of the view that AFORD needs another convention.

Mkhutche predicts doom for AFORD if its leaders fail to solve the wrangles that have marred the party.

“AFORD needs a legitimate convention where all factions can agree on the delegates.

“This leadership wrangle between Chihana and Mwenefumbo is taking the party nowhere. AFORD will continue sinking deep into the dustbin of Malawi political history,” said Mkhutche.

He added that the party must reflect on the democratic principles that it fought for in the early years of multiparty in Malawi.