Police assaulted sex worker who helped them catch thief


Police in Kasungu assaulted a sex worker with a panga knife after she helped them arrest a notorious criminal.

The sex worker Chimwemwe Chariwa told the local media that the law enforcers physically assaulted her after the thief claimed that she was involved in the criminal activities.

Kariwa who is aged 29 said the incident occurred on Wednesday last week.

The woman Chariwa

She said Police asked for help in apprehending a suspected criminal who frequents a rest house where she stays.

“We used all the ways we could to make the criminal busy while informing the police that the suspect was there,” narrated Chariwa.

After being arrested, the suspect told police that he kept the stolen items in Chariwa’s room. The officers went to Chariwa’s room to search for the stolen items but did not find them.

“I told them the truth that I am only a sex worker, not a thief and that l only helped to capture the suspect but do not even know where the stolen property is,” she told Mana.

Suspecting that Chariwa had sold the stolen items and she was hiding information, the police officers assaulted her using a panga knife

Using the blunt side of the panga knife, the police hit Chariwa twice on the back and cut her right hand’s thumb.

“After beating me the officers told me to mop my blood which oozed on the floor saying it was contaminated with HIV,” said Chariwa.

According to the woman, the next day the police officers gave her K10, 000 for hospital bills but they did not charge her for any crime.

Kasungu Police Public Relations Officer Edna Mzingwitsa said in an interview that the police station is yet to receive a report about the issue.
Chariwa hails from Chinkhombwe Village, Traditional Authority Mwase in the district.



  1. uwu nde uchisiru, thats why i can call police men mbava zenizeni…sory sis for that. koma apolisiwo asiyire ntchito a G4S ngati atopa nayo kumeneko sikufufuza mlandu koma nkhaza zamusamunda

  2. tikamati apolisi ndi mbuli timanenela zimenezi cop there is no way they can injure that sex worker yet she has helped them to catch that thief umbuli musiye apolisio

  3. so shameful police. Is this what you call yourself ‘reformed” police???
    It will take decades for us to have trust that these trigger-hungry and myopic officers
    are really reformed as they claim to be. They should stop wasting our monies for
    their reform seminars etc. Shupit zawo!!

  4. A polisi osadziwa ntchito yawo mwaukadaulo. Muli ndi mwayi kuti boma limakutchinjilizani popeza limakhala ku mbali yanu ngati a boma. Nchifukwa chake anthu akapha inu a police timasekelera kwabasi chifukwa cha anthu ngati inu nomwe mumamenya anthu popanda zifukwa kamba kosaziwa ntchito yanu. Kufufuza sikumenya kapena kuvulaza munthu ai!!!! Shame

  5. Ntchito zina ndi zopweteketsa. Look for another job please.

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