Ngalande says Mulli was silenced by K3.1 billion

Mulli Brothers

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) director of youth Lewis Ngalande says legislator Leston Mulli started the Saulos Chilima movement and was only silenced by a K3.1 billion payout.

Ngalande is one of the DPP members who want President Peter Mutharika to resign after his current term and let Vice President Chilima represent the DPP in the 2019 elections.

Lewis Ngalande
Ngalande: Mulli was one of the rebels.

He told the local media that Mulli – who has never publicly endorsed Chilima – wanted Chilima to replace Mutharika but made a U-turn after being given the money as compensation for losses in the 2011 anti-government demonstrations.

“Mulli was one of [the] rebels but, because he received his money, he backed down. In fact, how would the government pay K3.1 billion without an argument in court, not even an evaluation of damages? Is that fair?” Ngalande told the local media.

According to Ngalande, the DPP government feared Mulli would use his influence in the Lhomwe belt to erode the party’s popularity in the region.

Last week, Mulli and Paramount chief Ngolongoliwa met DPP members from Chilima camp to convince them to change their stance.

The DPP members who included Noel Masangwi, Patricia Kaliati refused to endorse Mutharika.
Ngalande maintained that Mutharika will not win the 2019 elections even if they endorsed him.



  1. Ndikudabwatu mmene amanyuzi atenthekera mayo nkhani especially a times the people who misled kongiresi. There must indeed be someone paying them to support imperialism. But, my worry is when are we going to be self reliant. There is no truth from what Ngalande is saying. If he really tells the truth he would have won the position of the mayor smartly without wanting the government to back him. These type of people will abuse their power hence the real suffering you are prophesizing.

  2. Of course APM inherited the party from his brother while it was in the opposition and he managed to wrestle power from PP which shows his political experience. If you and Chilima are really tough guys yambitsani chanu chipani. All I can see is this country is full of corrupt people. It seems your camp is getting sponsorship from some where. Your sponsors are not comfortable with APM. They are afraid that he managed to develop the country, paying civil servants despite no donor aid, put solar power in government hospitals and even to sponsor our tripartied elections from the tax payers money without donor aid that is. Your asamunda are not sleeping with such gem. Why hating the lhomwes. Surely you must be someone who hates DPP because its leader is a lhomwe, but to be honest the guy is a performer and even scoring more points than any leader before him-he is so smart. You must be a product of the spirit of vengeance possible because of the then quota system introduced by Kamuzu and inherited by great Bingu which APM worked tirelessly to increase university intake by building state of art classes. Hate and bitterness will take us to no where.

  3. Even Peter doesn’t have enough political experience.He just inherited the party from his brother.DPP ndi chipani cha family and lomwes;in fact even all the other parties.Inuyo ma cadets you are Just Asslickers/ass-wipers.mukhalira chi chi and that’s why Malawi shall never ever develop with such idiots!

  4. Ngalande don’t fool Chilima and us. If not careful you will never attain your ward. People nowadays are very clever-don’t be cheated by your selfish ambitions and bitterness. If you have evidence go to ACB and reportMulli’s acclaimed story rather than telling us your firthy lies to win public sympathy. Are you telling us that Chilima if leads DPP he will win? Very doubtful. He lacks political experience and you want him so that you will be remote controlling him like a scada does. Iweyo and your friends are the ones who are very selfish, a guy who fails to campaign for himself for the mayor’s post, what else can you bring to us? See what MCP is sailing through now. It is because they grabbed someone with little or no political experience to lead them. Look what he is doing now, oppressing anyone who deem a threat to him

  5. The truth is APM doesn’t appeasements, so the selfish people like Ngalande and aKweni are fighting him. Frankly speaking Ngalande is the one who will loose his ward. Mulli cannot influence the lhomwes if he dares he will see what happened to Lipenga. Those people are very smart and they really know who to vote for. Even those guys against APM they must be more careful or else they will regret their ambitions because they will face what happened to thier fellow big giants who tried to outclass APM in 2014.

  6. This guy is a total lier. He is the one who is bitter with DPP for not supporting his ambitions of becoming the Blantyre City Assembly’s Mayor. After his bitter loss to the incumbate he was raged to the extent of attacking the minister of local government and some DPP gurus as responsible for his loss. He is still fighting them to the extent of bringing on Chilima hopping that he will be favoured once he wins, a thing that will never happen. This is the same story with Kaliyati and Masangwi. Akweni is very bitter with Peter for not giving her back the ministerial post that went to Chadzama. These who are behind Chilima are very fascinating. They might be clinging to their ideas for several reasons, other deemed good while others rooted from their bitterness as later indicated. Some of the reasons could be that they were not happy with APM in choosing Chilima as his running mate in 2014. They might be afraid of APM choosing him again as his running mate in 2019 and the What way to push him away from APM’s blessing is to create two faction-one for Chilima and the other one for APM. Mama Calli might be so jealous with those close to APM for she fears they will be manipulating him in the future, once retains the presidency, the same way she did to great Bingu when she force him to make her appear on the civil servants paying roll to the tune of k1.5m which the then CSOs rebuffed. APM is a different story and can’t be bribbed so easily. To be honest, which is better to be led by the aging than the youth? How old was JB when she was a president? What about atcheya? How old was he? What did they do? To me its better to have the aging rather than the youthful who lack experience and squanders a lot.

  7. Lewis Ngalande hate him or like him but he is saying the truth. Malawi needs total change not recycled politicians & indeed Mutharika will find it difficult to get the votes. People are being fooled by crowds in rallies.

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