Fredokiss inspires urban artists to hold free shows


The Fredokiss effect in Malawi`s urban music can now be vividly traced with a number of musicians emulating him in throwing free shows.

Born Penjani Kalua, the award winning hip hop artiste was last year master of free shows. He conducted a nationwide tour that saw him entertain his fans in the cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.


Kalua attributed his zero-charge performances to giving his fans an opportunity to see him on stage. He believes that charges prevents thousands of people from seeing their favourite musicians performing live.

Fredokiss led the way and now others cannot help it but follow suit. Tay Grin, Suffix, Never Ending Jupiter, and Generations Band, are the living examples.

A major upcoming free show will see Tay Grin at the engine of matters. He is scheduled to perform at Masintha ground in Lilongwe on 27th May.

According to Tay, he wants to thank his fans for helping him grab two honours in the Nyasa Music Awards.

Grin believes his recently earned accolades in the Nyasa Music Awards as the best male artist and for best video, are worth celebrating in style.

His free show will be supported by Zathu Band which was also recognized as the best group in the awards.

Just like Fredokiss, the Nyau King also plans to hold shows of similar nature in Blantyre and Mzuzu. Tay Grin’s show is being supported by Astro Mobile, UN Women, and a couple of media houses.

In gospel circles, good news rapper Suffix launched his maiden album tagged Before I Sleep at Mbowe Filling Station in Lilongwe on 5th May, free of charge. The musicians is yet to publicly communicate if more events of that nature remain in his plans.

The trend as set by Fredokiss has been hailed in the view of Malawi`s humble economic status. People claim, the shows will help the artists connect with more fans.



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