Thugs hack farmer to death, steal K14m


Police in Mangochi district are hunting for criminals who murdered a 52-year-old commercial farmer and stole K14 million on Tuesday.

Mangochi Police Deputy Spokesperson Amina Daudi has confirmed the development and has identified the deceased as Harry Yiannakis.

MchinjiDaudi said five thugs invaded Yiannakis’ house in the district on Tuesday night and hacked him.

She added that the thugs who were heavily armed also stole money amounting to K14 million.

The farmer, who owns Tambala Estate at Misuku in the district, was left with deep cuts sustained from a machete.

He was pronounced dead upon arrival at a Mangochi district hospital where postmortem results revealed that the death was due to loss of blood following deep cuts.

Meanwhile, police have advised people to refrain from keeping lots of money in their houses.

The law enforcers are also asking for information which may lead to the arrest of the thugs who are at large.



  1. The same thing happened to me in October 2017, not far from Tambala. Three thugs were caught and three are still at large with AK47s. I left the country fearing for my life. God bless Harry’s soul and give solace to his family.

  2. Hi Synet,
    I suggest you refrain from making hasty generalizations about something you know nothing of and don’t jump to conclusions about the actions of an innocent victim of a heinous and barbarous crime. Have you bothered to question whether that money which you arrogantly refer to as ‘moola’ was there for the simple purpose of paying the wages of employees
    In a time of great sorrow, the family that is greaving does not need anyone’s advice but the kindness and goodwill of all.

    Keep your inane and worthless opinions to yourself.

  3. Please provide the best information to catch them.This is so sad. Why do we need to kill the man. People feel like it’s happening to you. Rest in peace. Condolences to the family members and friends.

  4. It is indeed sad news to hear this saden death, may his soul rest In peace, we hope that the police will join hands with the community members to make sure that this thugs will be caught and face the consequences of their actions, and we also need to learn us who has left behind to know how to keep our money inside the bank it’s really helpful to do so thanks

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