Youth Football Committee warns against age cheating


Youth Football Committee in Karonga has warned teams and players in the First Merchant Bank (FMB) Under-20 League to avoid age cheating.

The call comes in the wake of wrangles which  characterized the flagship youth league in the district in the past when a wide range of cheating took centre stage, something which forced authorities to suspend the league at some point.

Karonga United

Teams warned against age cheating.

Speaking in an interview following the launch of the under-20 league on Saturday, Karonga District Youth Football Committee chairperson Chawezi Wanda said the committee does not want the league to make headlines for age cheating hence is ready to give out the toughest punishment possible if that occurs.

“As the committee we will leave no stone unturned in the fight against age cheating in our league. We are ready to throw out teams and ban players and coaches involved in age cheating,” he warned.

He said the league is a breeding ground for up-and-coming players and there is need to protect them and their talents by meting out stiff punishments to cheaters.

“We accept we can’t eliminate age cheating completely but we can minimize such cases so that we can get a level playing field on the pitch among players,” said Wanda.

However, local soccer pundit in the district Hilary Mwalwenje said it will be difficult to curb age cheating considering the money on offer for winning the league.

He added that clubs will go the extra mile to bend the rules even if it means age cheating as long as they grab the crown.

Sixteen teams will participate in the FMB under-20 district league in Karonga with the likes of last year’s champions Malema alongside Kasoba FC, Karonga United reserves and Mudy FC strongly tipped by pundits to emerge champions.