The money was ours – DPP

Peter mutharika

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has claimed that money that President Peter Mutharika gave to university students came from the party.

The sentiments follow a meeting that president Peter Mutharika had with university students on Sunday at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre.

Chipungu: the money was for transport.

Reports reveal that each of the 1200 students pocketed K20,000 which means Mutharika spent about K24 million on allowances.

DPP coordinator of activities in colleges Chimwemwe Chipungu said the party and not the government was responsible for giving the money to the students.

“We had lunch, dances and as required we gave them little something for transport, the money was given from the party,” said Chipungu.

He added that Mutharika is also expected to meet DPP cadets from Southern Region and the party will cover costs of the event today.

Though Chipungu disclosed that the money was for transport, the party used government vehicles to transport the students to the palace.

During the event, the DPP University Youth Wings endorsed Mutharika as the party’s candidate for the 2019 elections.



  1. Izi zoti Dpp yapereka ndalama ndiye muziti ndizachipani musiye musatiputse. Tax payers money mukutengayi komanso mukugawa kwa omwe mwawatenga kupita ku state house nanga ife mudzatiyenga liti? Tikuyifunanso ndalamayo ife

  2. Really individual transport K20,000 from Sanjika to Chanco yet boarded a hired bus. Was it transport from Chanco to Chikanda

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