Mutharika says ‘Chilima movement’ will not succeed


President Peter Mutharika has said Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members who want him to quit after his first term in office are wasting their time.

Mutharika said this when he met DPP University Youth Wings at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre on Sunday.

Mutharika: I will not quit.

The Malawi leader said he is will contest again in the 2019 elections hence those speaking against his candidature are wasting their time and will not succeed.

According to State House, Mutharika told the youths that he wants to build on the developments he has achieved in his first term and take Malawi to greater prosperity during his second term of office.

During the meeting, the DPP University Youth Wings said they want Mutharika to be the party’s torchbearer in the 2019 elections.

The university students added that people who are calling on Mutharika to resign and pave way for Vice President Saulos Chilima are greedy and frustrated.

“The students decided to communicate their endorsement of APM’s candidature after noting that some frustrated and greedy politicians are trying to discourage him from running again for the Presidency in 2019,” said State House on its Facebook page.

During the meeting which was a DPP event, Mutharika gave each student K20, 000 as allowance for making the trip.

To transport the students, the DPP used vehicles from the Police, State House and Immigration Department. Some of the students were however transported through hired buses.

Students who attended the meeting are from College of Medicine, Chancellor College, Malawi College of Health Sciences, Malawi University of Sciences and Technology, Malawi Polytechnic, Domasi Teachers College, Mulanje Mission and Blantyre International University.

Some DPP members are pressuring Mutharika to resign and let youthful Chilima represent the DPP in next year’s elections.




  1. What’s your problem? The big man has the right to contest again. If not go to court. Let the big man be removed through the ballot if you can. It seems you are afraid of him. Don’t give examples of other countries here he has the right to stand again. What he’s doing is constitutional. Shame him by voting young candidates you are promoting period.

  2. Mandela was old but ruled south africa very well but mkulunziza is young yet failing big time in emphasis is that lets not focus on age but may be capability

  3. kkkkkkkkk ma intellectuals sakudziwa chimene akupanga. K20 000 should not make you blind

  4. Those who don’t want to go are covering up something. It only happens in Africa

  5. Tamuzeni wamkulu wa denfence force mwachangu nthawi ndiyomweyi sikulanda dziko koma kuteteza dziko kwambamva zomwe zazungulira muthalika pakali pano.

  6. What an embarrasement mr bwana, come 2019 and you will be ashamed yourself. Anawo mwawagulawo sakukwanira kukuwinisani mukunya chaka chamawachi

  7. Kodi pajatu in 2014 we had a youthful presidential candidate wa UDF in the name of Atupele Muluzi but we chose peter yemwe tikuti nkhalambayu. Nde bwanji tingodikila amalize 10 yrz yakeyo kenaka tizipanga za ma baby zathuzi bho bho.

  8. Shame on you old man,cant you take some examples of other foreign and African countries changing their presidents to youths. age yourself.What else do you want to steal, is it by bribing these youths to vote for your age?
    Hope you got more knowledge of what happened in Zimbabwe. Understand that this such kind of not to resign by yourself when the age tells, causes a lot of pain to the citizens of the country. One thing, we are behind the vice not you. Please leave peacefully to avoid disrespecting you. What a good example of Botswana, dont you see the lovely government?

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