Recycled politicians, a drawback to Malawi`s development


The late Helen Singh once said Malawi has never experienced change of government as it is the same figures crossing the political party boundaries.

True to her sentiments, Malawians continue to witness the switches happening in the country`s political arena. Most notably, the ruling party of that time becomes the targeted destination for the insatiable statesmen.

Helen Singh
Late Helen Singh noted the fact.

When the big million dollar moves to the reigning party are completed, there we go again to the same old song. The politicians sing to us about how their respective constituents influenced their decisions and how they want to help the government in achieving its objectives.

Worse still, some of the politicians who jump from one party to another, long lost their zeal to deliver.

 It is pathetic seeing an on and off old politician who was once in the opposition, being trusted with a crucial role in the administration. This means the country runs on the same old ideologies, as a result very little has been done in our 24 years of multiparty democracy.

 I have learned that in Malawi, if you want your political career to be rosy, then you have to join or at least side with the ruling party. No wonder most political figures denounce their opposition-member status at some point in time.

 What does this mean to the country`s development? The answer is simple and straight forward, Malawi remains driven by outdated ideas which have failed to catalyse development in this multi-party democracy era.

 If I were to establish my own political party today and take over the ruling role at some point in time, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that some of those in the current government would join my party, basing their decisions on the same old song.

 On the other hand, this shows that governing parties are only concerned with expanding their fan bases. As such they only consider one’s popularity in welcoming him or her to the party.

 As sons and daughters of this land, we have got used to the switches. We are sure about the continuation of such shifts from the opposition to ruling party benches. As the riffraff, we can only watch from the benches with our hands akimbo since we have not been empowered enough to challenge such trends.

 My heart bleeds to see these wanderers earning hot seats in the government, when they were part of the previous administrations which were once highly involved in corruption activities.




  1. It’s very sad when you look at where Malawi is today interms of development. These politicians are so greedy, they are there to enrich themselves.

  2. Hee shame they are shameless Kodi aloweranso kuti they are not shame ..Let’s create a website to campaign Strongly Against these “Recycled Politicians” SHAMELESS PEOPLE… WAKUTINSO.. SUJA MUMA CHINYOZA CHIPANI CHIMENECHI NDI ATSOGOLERI AKE DZANA.. LERO CHAKOMANJI??SHAAAMEEE!!!

  3. This country of ours will never go higher in standards because those that rule us are below standard and depend on yesteryear ideas. So what do we expect

  4. Your article has just spoken my thoughts. That’s why sharp minds like Chilima will be called babies simply because they’re new in the game BUTILITY indeed this has never helped Malawi in any way. If MCP wins the upcoming Tripartite Elections you will see these DPP gurus going to kneel down to Chakwera, the same if Chilima, takes the Levers of Power the same people who are castigating him now will be the first to sing songs of praise. The same to any leader who can win, look at the Professor, people instead of telling him the truths of what is happening on the ground they are simply lying to him simply because they want their stomachs to be full. Very bad indeed.

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