Pro-Chakwera bullies Kaliwo on Kamuzu Day

Gustave Kaliwo

Supporters of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera have hurled abuse at former MCP secretary general Gustave Kaliwo following Kaliwo’s Kamuzu Day message.

As the country is commemorating Kamuzu Day today, Kaliwo posted a message on Facebook celebrating the former Malawi president Kamuzu Banda.

Gustave Kaliwo
Gustave Kaliwo

Said Kaliwo: “It was an honour and great privilege to be part of the legal team of, amongst others, Clive Stanbrook, retired Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo and Mr. Bazuka Mhango, that successfully defended Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda, Hon. J.Z.U. Tembo, Mama C. Kadzamira, Mr Likaomba, Mr. Kalemba and Mr. Lunguzi in a case what was popularly known as the Mwanza Trial.

“He was a great man. A disciplined Commander In-Chief. A Chancellor Extraordinaire!”

His Facebook post attracted comments from MCP members who attacked Kaliwo for taking several injunctions against the MCP.

“But with the way you are acting like a young girl on her first abortion, I believe Kamuzu is turning in his grave right now,” said Yangie Eff Yangie.

While Nyasulu Jimmy said: You’re an intolerant man which Kamuzu didn’t know then, but if Kamuzu was alive today he would’ve despised and disowned you because you’re a contemptible and a disgrace to MCP Unity. Iwe ndiwe kapasule number one in Malawi Congress Party who’s good for nothing.”

Others suggested that Kaliwo has ruined his image.

“Unfortunately, MCP will not remember you for that, you will be remembered as a confusionist, a traitor, a thorn and a selfish person. A good beginning with a poor ending. You have left a bad legacy,” said Mike Caytonie.

Noel Madalitso Chikhozo chipped in: “All your achievements have been overshadowed by your recent misconducts of trying to bring confusion in MCP party and Malawians shall forever regard you as a confusionist.”

Kaliwo together with Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya and three others took several injunctions to stop the party from organising a convention but their last injunction was vacated by the Supreme Court on Thursday and a day later the party started conducting its convention.

At the convention Chakwera was elected MCP president but Kaliwo claimed that the convention is illegal and Msowoya is now MCP acting president.


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  1. People you’re missing the point, Kaliwo is saying that the holding of the Convention flouted MCP CONSTITUTION, is it true that the constitution was flouted????? If the is NO, then Kaliwo must SHUT UP! But if the constitution was indeed flouted then the guy has got a point cos if MCP is a government in waiting and yet it doesn’t respect it’s own constitution then there is a problem. If his arguments have got no legal standing then he must move on & leave the party progress.

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