DPP bribes students

Peter mutharika

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Sunday ferried over 700 university students from various districts to Sanjika Palace in Blantyre and bribed each student with K20,000.

At Sanjika the students met President Peter Mutharika.

Peter mutharika
Students meeting Mutharika at Sanjika palace.

During the meeting which was a DPP event, Mutharika gave each student K20, 000 as allowance for making the trip.

To transport the students, the DPP used vehicles from the Police, State House and Immigration Department.

Some of the students were however transported through hired buses.

Students who attended the meeting came from College of Medicine, Chancellor College, Malawi

College of Health Sciences, Malawi University of Sciences and Technology, Malawi Polytechnic, Domasi, Mulanje Mission and Blantyre International University.

This comes at a time when there is pressure on Mutharika to resign and let youthful Vice President Saulos Chilima represent the DPP in next year’s elections.

Mutharika has however maintained that he will be DPP presidential candidate for next year’s elections.
People in the country have since described Mutharika’s meeting with the students as an attempt to woo youthful voters and remain in power.

“President Peter Mutharika wants to retain the presidency so bad he is beginning to appear desperate. Yesterday, State House ferried university students from all over Malawi to Sanjika Palace and bribed each student with K20,000 ($25),” observed Onjezani Kenani on Facebook.

While Facebook user Collen said: “What are we creating for the future Malawi? Must we say these students cannot observe how this old broom is failing to sweep? Ironic ‘learned’ youths. All I can say is, DPP’s strategy of educating future political bootlickers is going on well and brilliantly. The next generation will be a generation of bootlicker.”



  1. I wonder how these useless MSCE holders can sink so low and go on and dance for the very same person who closes down their institutions whenever he pleases thereby denying them their right to education.
    Malawi is a very pathetic State indeed.

  2. We are indeed grooming future bootlickers. If this happening to educated people what more to illiterate ones

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