Analyst doubts Mutharika will create 17,000 jobs


A social commentator has cast doubt on President Peter Mutharika’s promise to create 17,000 jobs.

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani has expressed doubt if Mutharika can achieve his aim of creating thousands of jobs before the 2019 elections.

Onjezani Kenani

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani

Mutharika talked about job creation when he opened Namilonga Community Technical College in Thyolo on Saturday.

The president said government will start implementing an African Development Bank funded project that will create 17,000 jobs for youths in the country.

Reacting to the remarks, Kenani said Mutharika is promising to do something he has failed in the four years he has been in power.

“After failing to create jobs for four years, President Peter Mutharika now says he plans to create 17,000 jobs for the youth between now and May next year,” said Kenani in a Facebook post.

Other people commenting on Kenani’s post also said Mutharika’s dream will not materialise with one commenter calling the president clueless.

While Urunji Mezuwa said: “Let’s just narrow down to this; a country where almost half of the day is in blackout has less production capacity, companies are struggling to get past the breakeven point, how do you expect such a country to create 17000 placements?”

One commenter Charles Chinkhuntha however said what Mutharika promised can be done: “I think he is right. It’s easier to create 17000 jobs between now and May 2019. Perhaps look at this figure clearly and soberly: 17,000. Not 1.7 million jobs. To me it’s easy to do this within a year or less than a year. This is the easiest promise a head of state can make”



  1. You failled with little thing to solve it now you busy telling people what
    You cant,because election is around the corner

  2. This social commentor is shamelessly pessimistic and it is a huge surprise that you always dignify what he says. He makes a lot of noise in the place from outside the country while patriotic Malawians with similar qualifications are within the country investing their energies to make these kind of ideas come to fruition. Let him concentrate on speech writing for his paymasters rather than assuaging what the president is tirelessly working on.

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