Suffix falls victim to piracy


Hip hop gospel artist Suffix has lamented over the illegal copying and distribution of his latest album which is labelled Before I Sleep.

The album which was launched on 5th May at Mbowe Filling Station in the capital Lilongwe, fell subject to piracy a few days later. Suffix shared the sad development with his fans on Wednesday, through social media.


“Just a few days after my album launch, some friend (Malawian) had the guts to buy my CD just to rip it, upload it on his google drive and start sharing the download link for free on a so called Christian Hiphop Albums WhatsApp,” said Suffix through Facebook

The Mkazi wa Kumwamba hit maker is on record to have told a local Malawi News Agency in March that it is not going to be easy to save his album from the jaws of piracy.

“I won`t be easy to avoid that. That is inevitable, but I will seriously look into the matter,” he said.

The piracy has weakened the rapper who just like any other musician believe, his sweat is worth a positive payback.

“I am so hurt!! Piracy is so evil I wish folks could understand how much artists sweat and invest in their art.”

Before I Sleep album involves big name international collaborations. Among the featured international artists is American gospel hip hop artist Sho Baraka.