Thief who hid stolen items in cave nabbed


Police in Mzimba are keeping in custody a 53 year old Zambian man who stole items worth K573,000 and hid them in a cave located in a thick forest.

The suspect has been identified as Benjamin Nyirongo.


According to a police report, the suspect on 4th April, 2018 broke into a house belonging to Sanudi Mapilisi and went away with a laptop, mattress, clothes, kitchen utensils, radio, speakers and other assorted items all valued at K573, 000 plus hard cash amounting to K89, 000.

Meanwhile, police have managed to recover all the stolen items which the suspect hid in a cave in the thick forest of Thoza.

The suspect according to police records is a habitual criminal since it is the third time for him to be arrested.

Police public relations officer for Mzimba Peter Botha said the suspect will appear in court soon to answer charges of burglary and theft.

The suspect Nyirongo hails from Mahucha Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kapichira in Zambia.





  1. He needs deliverance….he is possessed..not normal for a 53 yr old. Once a thief always a thief may that’s why he can’t give up old habits..

  2. How can you deport a person who has not even seen a passport.When I want to go to Lundazi I can walk or cycle and come back no one about a passport we are friends and relatives just displine as any one

  3. Good day Readers,
    it is very unfortunate that such an old man can do this,I don’t actually understand why,but let us first find out why he did this,what motivated him to do such a thing at his age.
    Let us not forget what Jesus said when the group of people came to him with a lady accused of being prostitute,they said according to the law this lady is supposed to be stoned to death,but Jesus said amongst you who have never committed a sin must start throwing a stone at her,and the time when he was writing on the sand one by one all the accusers disappeared,why?
    Because there is no one on earth who is pure,only God,that is why when dealing with issues like this,we should not deal with in flesh but in spirit (spiritualy).
    If we deal it with flesh,that is why now governments of the world are putting wrong doers in prisons instead of living churches,I have said LIVING CHURCHES, to deal with those issues,why I am saying this is because some cases needs God’s intervention as you know Demons fear Jesus very much.Therefore some acts are demon or devil motivated situation and if you put that person in prison,you did not actually sort out the root of the problem,tomorrow when he is out of prison he is likely to do the same thing.
    Be blessed.

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