DPP govt asked to walk the talk


Kasungu North West Parliamentarian Bauden Mtonga has asked the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government to go back to its manifesto and make sure it fulfils its promises.

Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, Member of Parliament (MP) Mtonga said the Democratic Progressive Party government should carry out projects which it pledged to implement in his area in order to address challenges people are facing.


Mtonga said the area has impassable roads and there is a problem of shortage of drugs in health centres.

On agriculture, the MP explained that farmers in the constituency mostly rely on tobacco farming which costs a lot of money but they are earning less at the end of the day due to undesirable prices they are offered during tobacco season market.

“Mr Speaker Sir, tobacco has been sold at lower prices from 20 years now, how can we expect the farmers to develop with this situation,” he explained.

Mtonga also expressed concern over the delay of Malata subsidiary program saying his constituency up to date has not benefited from the program.

On education, Mtonga asked government to construct more school blocks and hostels to enable youths in the area access education.



  1. Amedi Chanamba, are you drunk? The MP in question is Bauden Mtonga and NOT Bauden Banda!

  2. Congratulations Bauden Banda,,,,,,They should go back to manifesto,,,,,DPP ndiye aaaaaaaaaaaa iwe Pitala Pitala aaaaa

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