TEVET, MoEST in abuse funds

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) and TEVET officials attempted to dupe government of K6.4 million by inflating the price of beds.

Government hired TEVET to make 20 beds which it wants to give to Providence Girls Secondary School and Machinga Secondary School.

Ministry of education
TEVET, MoEST in abuse funds.

TEVET awarded the contract to Comboni Technical College’s furniture department.

The college charged K80,000 for each bunker bed but documents which officials from Ministry of Education presented to the ministry and the college’s principal show that the price is K400,000 for each bed.

The officials wanted to steal K320,000 from each bed (K6.4 million from 20 beds).

“Fortunately the principal is refusing to sign the K400,000 per bed price,” a source told Malawi24.

The Internal Procurement Committee at TEVET Blantyre Service Center has also refused to write a contract for Comboni due to lack of transparency in the implementation of the tender.

The source added that the college used free labour to produce the beds after lying to students that they were upgrading yet they were making bunk beds.



  1. An action must be taken into this, we dont want such kind of people. ACB must investigate and those culprits should be brought to book and clean up.

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