Malawian man dies in Brazil


A young Malawian man identified as Mr. Randera has died in Brazil where he went to take illegal drugs.

Randera is a son to Mr Hanif Randera of Area 47 Sector 3 in Lilongwe.


According to reports, he was sent to Brazil by a Nigerian drug dealer called Alex Ojuku and nicknamed Old Man who bought a ticket and facilitated everything for Randera to go and courier drugs from Brazil to Malawi.

Alex Ojuku is said to be the main drug distributor among his fellow Nigerians in Area 47 and Malawi as a whole.

However, while in Brazil, Randera got sick and died.

The Nigerian drug dealer went to tell the father Hanif Randera of the sad news. The Nigerian however did not disclose where the dead body is in order for the Randera family to repatriate it to Malawi.

The issue of drugs has gone off hand especially in Area 47 in Lilongwe where the government is unable to control the situation and it is alleged that some public officers are in the drug syndicate.

Residents in Area 47 are now considering to take the law in their own hands to clean up the area of the drug dealers for it appears the government is failing to put the issue to a stop.




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  2. Nigerians are all babarians Un educated what they know is drugs it’s all Nigerians know if we get them let’s just kill them let’s clean our Malawi they must go and do with their President who let them do what they want fk them off

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  5. Inspector General please take note of this. I want it done.

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