Immigration Dept. transfers following JB arrival raise questions


The Immigration Department has transferred seven officers from Chileka Airport days after former President Joyce Banda was given VIP treatment at the airport.

There are claims that the seven have been moved from Chileka to various border posts in the Southern Region for allowing Banda to hold a press briefing in the VVIP lounge.

Joyce Banda

Seven officers transferred for giving former President VIP treatment.

A Department of Immigration circular says the reassigned officers should leave their offices by Wednesday, May 9.

Officers who have been moved from Chileka are Mr Chintapaya, Mr M’baluko, Mr Chipaka, Mr Mtima, Mr Gwaza, Mr Lamiele and Mr Kapulula. Three other officers have already been transferred to Chileka to replace some of the moved officers.

Over a week ago, Banda arrived in the country through the airport and she used the VVIP lounge to speak to the media.

Immigration Department has however told the local media that the transfers have nothing to do with Banda’s arrival.

Speaking to the local media, Immigration Department spokesperson Joseph Chauwa dismissed assertions that the officers are being punished for letting Banda use the VVIP section saying Immigration Department is only responsible for clearing travellers and is not concerned about what happens at the VVIP lounge.

He added that the transfers are normal and have affected various offices of the department.
“As a security organisation, it is normal to have officers rotated from time to time,” said.



  1. We must not change the state of Malawi Leadership…Siza ufumu kuti azingosiyilana pa ubale…Malawi has president n not kings …. Bingus will never change malawi…n know nothing about malawi….to hell he GOES

  2. VVIP if it is there cos I have personally landed at Chileka several times but it doesn’t look like there is VVIP Kkkkkkkkk. Now if it’s true then that’s cheap politicking cos Joyce Banda is the ex-presilent so was she supposed to attend the press conference?

  3. Maybe the better question to ask immigration Department is when was the last time they transfered so many from Chileka

    I accept their explanation immigration has nothing to with the running of the airport.

    Joyce Banda is a former president and should be given the respect as such a currentvpresidentvreceivrs including security officers.

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