Mutharika slips again: Video goes viral

President Peter Mutharika

For the second time since being elected Malawi President Peter Mutharika has fallen down while executing official duties.

The first time was some years back when he was launching a nationwide tree planting campaign and now it has happened at the State House.

President Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: slipped

Mutharika, aged 77, slipped when he was welcoming Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

Having hugged his counterpart, Mutharika is seen to have hit one of the steps and got a swift help from his security officers.

The video has since gone viral.

It is not known who might have been behind the camera but it is quite clear the intent was to film the two Presidents’ first encounter.

When ousted Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe slipped years ago, a social media storm revolved on why Africa is ruled by very old people.

In Malawi, Mutharika is being asked by a faction within the ruling DPP not to contest again in the 2019 elections citing old age as one of the reasons.

But Mutharika recently blatantly said he feels young and still has the strength to lead Malawi.



  1. Aaaaa tamalembani zot boma lathu tidziliva kukoma…!!!

  2. I think news 24
    Its opposing not newspaper
    You people carefully respect and love your national
    Dont act like little child who knowns nothing rather than mother’s breast
    Very sad and feel shame with you guys
    Try to learn and publish something good for the malawians
    We are waiting for many good news you might put on internet not this one.
    The whole world seeing they writtings of you malawian
    Think who read your article and what can someone aknowledge from that article of president folling down
    Lets love one another.

  3. Kodi sono azilemba chani……kopanda kulemba zimenezi ife okhala kunja kwa dziko tikanabva ndinda?

  4. Koma ngati ndi ndale kapena kumuda munthu apa ndiye mwaonjeza bodza. Mulungu atikhululukire kunena kotero. Kunena kotereku ngati kulibe Yehova amene akutiona zoona. Kutererekatu aliyense zikhoza kumuchitikila naga ali munthu. Kulemba kopotola anthu maganizo ndizolinga zachipongwe kapena kukwanirisa zofuna zanu mwanjira yosakondweresa Mulungu dziwani ndi themberero ndi nsambi.

  5. No matter,I can see good leadership in him.all years Malawi hasnt national Identification cards,but mutharika has made it.look and see the way Malawi improved under DPP leadership.shame on you haters.let him until God call his name.

  6. Haven’t you seen a boy slipping? Where did you learn writing articles?

  7. Woow!so this is news? The time Obama was a president he sliped,Mandela,Thabo Mbeki,Jacob Zuma,Nkenyan President just mention a few so what’s the difference? Malawi for sale

  8. Really can this be news?? He is not a robot…penapake lets get organised

  9. Really guys kugwa yikhale khani Peter he is a human being like anybody he feel pain like you and me who say that ukakhala President simadwala or kumvanjala shame on you guys, these a lot of stories out there not this ineso nditha kukuposani kulemba khani. I agree with you brother

  10. Malawi 24 are you serious? Is falling down equal to old age?? What kind of logic is that one. So when a person falls down is because of old age. Wow!!!! Thinking thinking!!!!

  11. Malawi, wake and come to a better realization of what best to write as food for the readers. Mutharika is like any other person who can slip and fall. And you the writer, despite your youthful age can you honestly come out and tell me that you’ve not fallen down in your life?

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