Mutharika taken out of DPP t-shirts


Despite President Peter Mutharika declaring that he is the only torchbearer of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ahead of 2019 general elections, party t-shirts being distributed are promoting Vice President Saulos Chilima as the party’s presidential candidate.

T-shirts being distributed show that Chilima’s face has replaced the image of Mutharika.

Mutharika replaced by Chilima.

The t-shirts also carry a message declaring Chilima as the party’s candidate ahead of 2019 polls.

One of the people in favour of Chilima Bon Kalindo has confirmed having knowledge of Chilima’s t-shirts being distributed.

However, DPP publicity person Francis Kasaila said the party does not know anything about the t-shirts.

DPP has witnessed internal shakeups following a suggestion by former First Lady Callista Mutharika that the current leader of the party must retire due to old age and allow Chilima to succeed him.

The sentiments have divided the party as some members are supporting Callista’s stance while others are opposing.



  1. The President Professor Author Peter Muthalika should just retire and give room for young people to compete

  2. If Chilima is granted presidency in 2019, at least cashgate cases will be treated non biasly in his time of rulling

  3. Please that is unfair why can’t the party elect the president at convention meeting by members votes? Bingu was, is and will be my best President forever according to his straightagic plan he had of how to rule the state. My fellow brothers & sisters, my question is whose gonna rise and fight for the black struggle to build the world black empire when it comes to black economic empire? Am so frustrated

  4. Muluzi vs malewezi, muluzi vs chilumpha, muluzi vs bingu, bingu vs Joyce, kamuzu vs gadama, … starts with friendship then when the boss knows that he is about to go ,he starts hating the clever guy who is likely to succeed him, the cause is, the Peter around the president at that time fears that the vice president will bring a new type of people to the presidency and cabinet and that they will be left redundant..this fear is real, that’s why it happens, in many greed driven democracies in third world..the crimax of this is when the VP gets either jailed or ha previledges and power removed and always if the VP wins he then gives the former president a jail for corruption etc.. Its all scripted, like they say history repeats itself..I say it doesn’t people repeat history. Nothing changes in politics.. If Joyce banda shows interest in contesting she will be charged with corruption and her life will be miserable, if she joins dpp and runs and VP she will be innocent. If she retires from politics she will be left alone. Unless the powers and previledges ar reduced and defined the presidency will attract the wrong candidates driven by greed Tiona

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