Mutharika is boring – Pastor

Peter Mutharika

A pentecostal Pastor has described President Peter Mutharika’s speech delivered in Parliament yesterday as boring.

Analysing Mutharika’s speech yesterday on Facebook, Sean Kampondeni said the speech was unpresidential and watching Mutharika deliver it “was as boring as watching paint dry.”

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika delivering a speech in Parliament yesterday.

Kampondeni also criticised the president’s body language saying Mutharika did not seem like a man who believed what he was reading.

“Mutharika is neither persuasive nor passionate, neither energetic nor eloquent, neither inspirational nor informative,” said Kampondeni.

“The president has mastered the art of mumbling speeches for an hour to say more and more about less and less until he has told you everything about nothing.”

He also observed that the low attendance of Members of Parliament could be a reflection of Mutharika’s unpopularity in the country and in his party.

“At one point, I did wonder if the fact that more than 50 MPs did not show up is partly a reflection of the fact that Mutharika, entering the final year of his five-year term of office more unpopular even in his own party than he’s ever been at any point in his presidency, is a figure of diminished influence in the apparatus of the State,” said Kampondeni.



  1. The fact is that, the education and rulling of the people or being a leader is totally different.
    Hope Malawi did learnt a lesson from this mistakes.
    Malawi needs astrong leadership in general, well understanding the living of its people, not this ignorant leader we have in our country.
    Malawi there is no wall but why people are runing out from there own land?
    There is no peace in mind, people they are dying with hunger.
    While the cruel leaders and selfish leaders they are just thinking about there own families.
    To compare with the countries they are suffuring from the war, on my side idont see any different with with Malawi.

  2. Chala changa iwe help me choose the right leader. Ndatopa ndikumva shirt stories ineee

  3. Our president and all who surrounding himy they are all fools good for nothing I can’t see any one leading Me all are puppets

  4. Nambewe, you are talking shit, and you really don’t know what you are talking about plz if you don’t have something to say you better just close you toilet

  5. I have never heard such rubbish in my whole life! were you looking for the President o entertain you? sorry you went to the wrong arena! I think that was a very inspiring speech and if you really listen to what he is saying there is food for thought there! A Malawi yo jump on the band wagon and despise this man but you have forgotten how much mess he has cleaned in Malawi ! You keep on like this you will get what you wish for ! drawing our country further back!

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