Battle lines drawn in DPP: Chilima attacks pro-Mutharika camp


The in-fighting in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is now bare for all to see. It is no longer a secret that Mutharika and his vice Saulos Chilima are not seeing each other eye to eye.

Vice President Saulos Chilima has criticised President Peter Mutharika’s supporters for intimidating politicians who have expressed support vice president.

Saulos Chilima

Chilima has criticised Mutharika’s supporters.

In a statement signed by his spokesperson Pilirani Phiri, Chilima has condemned the attack on legislators Patricia Kaliati and Noel Masangwi at the Parliament building in Lilongwe on Friday and the setting ablaze of Honourable Bon Kalindo’s car at his house.

The vice president says these barbaric acts are unfortunate, completely unacceptable and have no place in modern Malawi.

“No one should be threatened or intimidated for expressing their political, religious or any views at any time anywhere in this country.

“Our constitution guarantees all Malawians fundamental freedoms of choice and speech. This country belongs to all of us. Furthermore, the attack on women is a monumental shame and a colossal disgrace and must stop right now,” says Chilima.

The vice president further observes that the violent acts that happened in the August house as the President was delivering the State of the Nation Address are unprecedented and deplorable.

He has since appealed to the youth to reject people who want to use them as agents of terror.

He observes that the youth make up the majority of the country’s population and should not be manipulated to indulge in activities that destroy their future.

“Your lives are worth far much more than the pocket change that is offered by political thugs who mastermind such callousness,” says Chilima.

The vice president has also urged Malawians to remain as peaceful as always and ensure that peace, harmony and tranquillity continue to prevail in our country.



  1. Utsogoleri ochita kuzikundikira siwabwino. Apapa anthu akhare ndi ufulu ndithu oti ku chipani kwawoko asankhe mtsogoleri ofunikira. Ngakhare zikuoneseratu kuti akasankha mokakamizidwa kuti enawo akhare pampandopo. Nkhanza sizabwino ndipo amene akupangisa izi adziwe kuti tsiku lina zizawachitikira iwowo zinthuzi popeza iwo si amuyaya ku chipaniko. Shame on this government!!!!!

  2. Youth indeed must desist these barbaric acts. Let democracy prevail. People must be free to choose that’s what Progressive Democracy mean.

  3. Kkkkkk what a title, gud enough to attract a leader. I wonder why you the media really want chilima & muthalika be enemies. What will you gain from that. A sit in MCP or what?

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