Six-year-old girl raped, murdered


A six-year-old girl was on Tuesday raped and murdered in Likoma.

This is according to Likoma police publicist Mcliff Ngulube who identified the girl as Tadala Kabefu.

MchinjiNgulube said on Tuesday the girl together with her mother went to her grandparents’ to pay a visit but the girl left her mother there and started going back home.

When the mother reached home she did not find her daughter.

At around 7pm, the child was not back home and the mother started enquiring from neighbours, relatives and friends but did not find her child.

On Wednesday at around 6am, the body of the girl was found in a trench covered with a hip of stones with only the feet visible.

The matter was reported to police who later took the body to Chizumulu Health Centre where postmortem indicated that the girl was first raped and later strangled to death.

Tadala hailed from Kabuthu village, T/A Mkumpha in Likoma.

Meanwhile police have launched an intensive investigation to arrest the murderer.



  1. I am very disturbed by this news. Chizumulu is one of the most peaceful Islands in the world,so for such a horrific murder to happen there got me questioning about where we heading to as a people

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