Mutharika angers Scots


The Scottish government has come under fire from its citizens for providing President Peter Mutharika expensive accommodation in the country during his recent visit.

According to one of that country’s  newspapers, The Scottish Sunday Times, Mutharika was put up in Prestonfield House, Edinburgh.

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika

The Prestonfield house cost £450 per night.

Scottish people are said to have expressed anger on their government for giving Mutharika an expensive accommodation.

Scots fault their government for giving huge sums of money to an individual when many Malawians are living in poverty.

However the Scottish government has defended the luxury accommodation saying Heads of States are accorded with such luxury stay in the country.

The Scottish government disclosed that part of Mutharika’s bills were paid by other partners.



  1. Leave Malume alone plz,its hus time let him enjoy while it lasts isiii ati mwagundikira chaniii???

  2. I am happy that those brainless people should understand benefits of one in position. People people stop being stupid. Remember this Peter we talk about has been high profile person before being on such current position. Stop being stupid. He is not politician but administration and just save that way

  3. It’s a known fact most, if not all, high profile dignitaries are accorded high-end accommodation more expensive than what Mutharika was accorded. It may be that the Scots are up in arms because the privilege was accorded to an African President. I don’t think they would have complained it was Donald Trump whose people are also suffering in a different way. Both presidents may have no due regard for human rights. The trio however, must serve as a reminder to Mutharika as to what Malawi can achieve if he had a great vision, ruthless implementation of developmental and social projects. The UK and Scotland specifically was led by individuals with impeccable moral and ethical behavior driven by a dream and vision for its inhabitants. Malawi can get there even quicker if our president is able to visualize a different Malawi with milk and honey for its people. Scotland is the example.

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