Tobacco earns Malawi K22.5 billion


Tobacco has fetched US$31 million (about K22.5 billion) in three weeks, according to statistics released by AHL Group.

An infographic released by AHL on Monday shows that the money has been earned from 21 million kilogrammes of the crop sold at an average price of US$1.48/Kg from the day the market opened to April 27.

Malawi Tobacco

Tobacco has earned Malawi K22.5 billion (File)

Over the past three weeks, 19.7 million kilogrammes of burley were sold at an average price of US$1.40/kg. In addition, flue cured tobacco weighing 1.3 million kilogrammes was sold at an average price of US$2.63/Kg while 28,801 kilogrammes of dark fired tobacco were sold at US$1.94/kg.

The 21 kilogrammes of tobacco sold in the first three weeks of the 2018 season surpasses the 8.4 million kilogrammes sold during the same period last year.

According to AHL, increased deliveries of tobacco this year has contributed to more kilogrammes being sold this year.

Over the past three weeks, tobacco was being sold at Lilongwe Auction Floors, Limbe Auction Floors in Blantyre and Chinkhoma Auction Floors in Kasungu. The Mzuzu Auction Flooors opened on Monday.

About 149 million kilogrammes of tobacco are expected to be sold at auction floors across the country this year but there is a demand of 171 million kilogrammes.


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