Cashgate: JB is not clean – ACB

Malawi Joyce Banda

The Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has accused Joyce Banda of misleading the nation with claims that she has been cleared of corruption connected with the cashghate scandal. ACB maintains the former President is under investigation.

Joyce Banda
Not yet clean

Banda, who returned home on last Saturday from 4 years of self-imposed exile, said during a rally held on Sunday in Zomba, that she is “clean”. JB claimed she had been cleared by both the ACB and International Police (Interpol).

But ACB Director General Reyneck Matemba Joyce Banda’s claims as “not true”.

“We never cleared her. She is still under investigation” Matemba has been quoted as saying.

She has been mentioned as Cashgate’s biggest fish. Several other high level convicts and suspects such as Leonard Kalonga, Treza Sensani (now deceased) and Oswald Lutepo named Banda as the primary beneficiary of the loot.

ACB is investigating the role JB played in the Cashgate scandal.

It was widely believed she left Malawi to escape arrest on cashgate charges.



  1. Ngati azungu anasiya kuthandiza dziko lino ndichifukwa cha mayiwa Kotero zidabwitsa kwambiri kuti mpaka pano sanamangidwe ndalama anabazo ndi zathu zamisonkhotu arrest her fast please

  2. Malawi is full of corruption and malawi country it will no longer developed on economic because of poor government .three years you still say that ur investigating on her.take example for south africa zuma now he is expecting to answer charge of corruption.

  3. Aliko azimayi anzawo ku maula mukuchedwetsatu kuwathira masten ndi unyolowo

  4. Sad state that ACB could not complete an investigation after 4 years the senior managers should be replaced with better skilled investigators.

    JB was the one requesting investigations and has been the only president to ensure convictions.

    Matemba should resign

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