I am a devout Muslim – Mia

Sidik Mia

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member Sidik Mia has denied claims that he has dumped Islam.

On Sunday, Mia went to a fundraiser at Machinjiri Malawi Assemblies of God Church in Blantyre and this ignited claims that he has joined Christianity.

Sidik Mia
Mia has trashed claims that he has dumped Islam.

But the politician has brushed aside the reports saying they are being spread by misguided people whose job is to create a storm out of teaspoon.

“(Going to the fundraiser) doesn’t mean that I have joined Christianity as some misguided people on the social media are saying.

“I didn’t eat Mgonero (Passover) as some people are trying hard to make you believe. I didn’t denounce my religion,” said Mia.

He added that former Head of State Bakili Muluzi was attending similar functions and even read Bible scriptures but it did not make him a Christian and people never raised eyebrows.

“The Pastor at Machinjiri church said we should pray for you and you expected me to say, No Pastor, don’t pray for me because I am Muslim?”  wondered Mia.

He further observed that when National Prayers are organised both Christians and Muslims pray at such functions and Christians do not say don’t pray for us because the one praying is a Muslim.

He then asked people in the country to stop creating a mountain out of a molehill.